Everlast is committed to the sustainable production of Valuable heavy minerals in a manner that protects the values of the natural and social environments in which it operates. The company will operate in compliance with the Mines and Mineral Rule 2012 of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Environment Conservation Act 1995.

Though no chemicals or explosives will be used at any stages of Exploration and Mining, EML commits to pollution prevention and waste minimization. The operations will have a localized, short-term impact on the environment.  EML aims to reduce this impact wherever practicable. After the successful completion of exploration, if the mining is approved, the company will conduct mining to ensure that rehabilitation for the agreed end land use can be achieved at the earliest practical time..

We minimise our energy use through efficiency and conservation measures to lower our carbon intensity

Renewable Energy:

We generate renewable electricity from solar PV panels on the roofs of our office buildings.

Climate-related risk assessment:

Most of our operation and sites are experiencing climate impacts. Further changes to the climate will likely be caused more negative effects in the future. Therefore, it is most important for us to understand the risk of climate change. Our team is closely associated with scientific experts to understand future climate impacts, assess possible climate-related risks, and then formulate a strategy to mitigate the risk.

Training and awareness:

At our spiral plant and operation facilities, we have an Energy Expert who is responsible for employee awareness and identifying energy-saving behaviours to ensure energy reduction.

We have provided local employees with full training on exploration, operation of the spiral plant and wet and dry mining operations.

Spiral plant:

To help improve the environmental performance of our business operations, we have addressed all possible technics in the installation of the spiral plant. We are reducing water consumption in the operation of our spiral plant by recycling water used in the operation