Paul Qian


Paul Qian is a hardworking individual who holds the esteemed position of Chairman and Founder of the Company. With over 12 years of invaluable experience in minerals sands field, Paul’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of the mineral sands industry, from exploration to mining. His extensive global network of market connections further enhances his stature in the business world. Paul is currently the director of the Company but is in the process of establishing a full Board for EMPL

Having resided in Australia for more than three decades, Paul has truly made this vibrant country his home. Throughout his remarkable entrepreneurial journey, which spans over 25 years, Paul has excelled in diverse fields such as finance, property development, publishing, imports and exports, stock and commodity trading, wastewater and soil treatments, oil refineries, capital raising, M&A, and mining, to name just a few.

One of Paul’s notable achievements was his instrumental role as the Director and Treasurer of the Australian Mining Association, which successfully organized the prestigious Asia Pacific Resources Conference (APRC) in Brisbane, following the G20 summit in 2014. This event served as a platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas and forge meaningful partnerships.

In addition to his business prowess, Paul is a member of many professional organizations. He has been a chartered member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) since 1991, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in his field. Furthermore, Paul is affiliated with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), showcasing his dedication to staying at the forefront of financial trends and best practices. As an Australian Credit License holder with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), Paul’s expertise in finance is undeniable. He was also a registered tax (financial) adviser with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board and a registered Financial Planner with ASIC.

One of Paul’s remarkable qualities is his deep understanding of the nuances between Eastern and Western cultures. This invaluable insight allows him to bridge any cultural gaps and foster effective relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. His exceptional relationship skills have been key in successfully navigating and leveraging these different perspectives.

Paul Qian is an accomplished and respected entrepreneur, possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in various industries. His impressive track record, extensive network, and commitment to excellence make him a truly remarkable individual in the business world.

Paul Qian
B. Sc (Chemistry 1987), Justice of Peace(NSW)

Delwar H. Titu

Managing Director

Delwar H. Titu is a very successful entrepreneurial businessman; his over 28 years’ business experiences in home and abroad are spread over stock broking, asset management, IT, manufacturing, mineral resources exploration & miming.

Apart from business, Delwar is actively involved with prime business associations and chamber of commences in the country. He is a founding Director of the Bangladesh Economic Zone Investors’ Association (BEZIA) and a Member of Investment & Trade Promotion Committee (2022-2023) of the Foreign Investor’s Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FICCI).

Delwar holds a Bachelor Degree of Commerce and MBA in Finance. He completed a two-year Diploma of Financial Planning from the Monarch Institute, Australia.

Delwar H. Titu
B. Com, MBA (Finance)
Managing Director (EML)

Md. Baharul Alam Biswas

Md. Baharul Alam Biswas

General Manager

Baharul has more than 13 years professional experience working in the Geoscience Industries. He Started his career as Geologist with a foreign company in 2007, and was actively involved in exploration and mining of mineral sands for more than 6 years and then shifted his career to International oil and gas industry. He worked for oil and gas exploration service company named DHI Services (Presently Excellence Logging), a Singapore based American Mudlogging Company, as Formation Evaluation Geologist. He worked in the south China Sea to explore oil and gas. Baharul served DHI till December 2016 and joined Everlast Minerals Ltd. in early 2017 as General Manager Senior Geologist of the company.

Baharul also has extensive work experience in Australia (Chillagoe, Queensland) for the exploration of Gold and Base metals. Working in Madagascar as Exploration Geologist was another overseas working experience in his career.

During his career, he traveled to Australia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia in many occasions.

Baharul was the Founder President of American Association of Petroleum Geologist, Student Chapter of University of Dhaka. He joined many conferences in and outside the country including Perth, Australia in 2006. He wrote many articles on mineral sands in the local journal. He is also a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (MAusIMM).

Baharul has completed his graduation in Geology and post-graduation in Geology (major in Hydrogeology Environment) from University of Dhaka. He has also earned MBA in Finance from Independent University of Bangladesh.

Md. Baharul Alam Biswas
B.Sc. (Hons), M.S. (DU), MBA (IUB), MAusIMM;
General Manager (EML)

Ji Kailin

Great China Region Representative

Mr. Ji has over 12 years’ experience in the mineral sands industry in China. He has conducted thorough research on marketing, equipment, and technical aspects related to mineral sands, with a specific focus on river sands. His expertise spans all areas of mineral sands, ranging from exploration to the procurement process of mining equipment. Moreover, he possesses a vast network within the mineral sands industry in China.

Additionally, Mr. Ji boasts over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. With nearly 30 years of involvement in international trades, he has dealt with various sectors including electronic and electrical products, machinery and equipment, raw textile materials, and bulk commodities, among others.

Ji Kailin
B.Sc (Linguistic, 1991)
Great China Region Representative

Md. Khairul Islam

Senior Consultant.

      Khairul has over 32 years of working and research experiences as geologist in different fields of geology that covers;-Geological Mapping: Completed Quaternary Geological Mapping of of Bangladesh and supervised Coastal Geological Mapping of covering the entire coastal belt of Bangladesh.
-Mineral Exploration: (i) Worked as well-site geologist in many exploratory drilling projects of the Geological Survey of Bangladesh. (ii) Worked as Chief of the Mineral Sand Investigation Team prepared for Jamuna River. (iii) Investigate the Peat Basin of Chatalbil, Hakaluki Haor, Baralekha Upazila, Moulvibazar District. In this connection mapped the Peat basin area, estimated the reserves and evaluated quality of the Peat.
-Arsenic Investigation in Groundwater: Conducted a number of geoscientific investigations in collaboration with the US Geological Survey Expert Group and with a German Expert to find out the level and causes of As Contamination in the Groundwater of Bangladesh.
-Neotectonic Study: (i) Carried out Geological Investigation on Earthquake of 2010 in Bangladesh. (ii) Identified the Western Boundary Fault of Madhupur Tract, Sahajibazar Fault, Titas Fault and Mainamti Fault. Published Research Papers on the geomorphological changes due to tectonic response of these faults. (iii) Worked as a Resource Person in a Training Programme under Active Fault Mapping Programme of the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB)-Comprehensive Disaster Management Plan (CDMP), Bangladesh.
-Environmental Study: (i) St. Martin’s Island and Its Environmental Issues, Cox’s Bazar District and (ii) Environmental Study of the East Sundarbans Area, Bagerhat and Khulna districts, Bangladesh.
Project Implementation: (i) Worked as Project Director (PD) in the Project ‘Integrated Geological Mapping of the Chalanbil Area to Unveil the Quaternary Records and Climatic Changes’. (ii) Directly supervised the geoscientific works of the Project ‘Geological Exploration for Mineral Resources and Identification of Hazard-prone Areas in Coastal Region of Bangladesh’.
He Worked as Examiner of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses, and PhD Thesis of Dhaka, Rajshahi and Jahangirnagar Universities, Bangladesh.
Khairul Worked as member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the CDMP-GSB Project and member of the National Advisory Committee on Jamalganj Coal Field with working experience with the overseas experts from USGS, BGR, GSI etc.

Md. Khairul Islam
M.Sc. Nottingham University
Senior Consultant (EML)

Lai Rong

Technical Advisor

Mr. Lai is an esteemed professional with extensive experience in the mineral sands industry, particularly in mining processing, project management, technical innovation, and production optimization. He is highly regarded both in China and worldwide, earning recognition in numerous national publications such as “Chinese Experts in the Century” and “Chinese Top Professional Achievers Encyclopaedia.” Remarkably, Mr. Lai is the only mineral sands professional to have been awarded the prestigious title of “Great Craftsman in China” by the Chinese Government.

His spiral equipment design has gained widespread adoption in various regions including China, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. Many mineral sand companies have bestowed the highest recognition upon it, praising its innovative structure, user-friendly operation, and remarkable recovery rate. Mr. Lai has provided valuable technical advice to numerous mineral sands companies, effectively enhancing their commercial profitability.

Lai Rong
B.Sc (Mining), Beijing Normal University
Technical Advisor