Exploration activities:

Everlast Minerals Limited commenced mineral sands exploration operation at Gaibandha site, located 338 km north of Dhaka, in November 2021 with advanced machinery & equipment and well experienced operation team.

Core Sampling:



Core sampling from sand bar (char area) and river bed of licensed area have been carried out by experienced exploration team led by Senior Geologists. Hole depth was 10-30 meters with hole diameter of 4 inches (each).

Exploration equipment & machineries:

Exploration process has been running using three drilling rigs.


 Drilling in the river bed area and in water was executed first time ever in Bangladesh. A drilling boat was also built to move the rig in the river area.

Sample Management:

1. At operation site, samples collected from holes are kept in PVC pipe, and then transferred into sample tray for drying process. There after stored in warehouse.


2. Sample are taken to the warehouse from the drilling site and those are dried properly in a heating chamber and packed for dispatchment  3. Sample are taken to the Universitiy laboratory and after grain size analysis sample are packed in air tight zipper bags and is preserved.


EML has imported its own machineries for the exploration work. The company owns three drilling rigs, a drilling boat and a spiral machine for mineral separation.