Name:  Gaibandha Mineral Sand Project

Area:    4,000 hectares

Location:   Gaibandha District, Bangladesh

         The Brahmaputra-Jamuna is a sand-bed, braided river of a very large scale. The overall channel complex of this river is about 15 km wide with individual channels of 2-3 km wide.  The vastness in length and width of the river provides a huge supply of sand deposited with the shifting of thalweg within the channel. About 2 Billion tonnes of sediment flows down the Indo-Ganges river system per annum. The confluence of two main rivers Tista River and Brahmaputra River.

     The company’s project covers 4,000 hectares of Sand Bars and River Sand-bed of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna River Channel under Kamarjani and Gidari Union of Gaibandha Sadar Upazila and Kanchipara Union of Fulchari Upazila of Gaibandha District.


Map of the exploration area.

Map of Bangladesh showing Gaibandha District.

The project (Exploration site) is about 11 km in Length and 7 Km in width. At the Geographic co-ordinate system, the area falls between the longitude of 890 42’ 41.85’’ to 890 37’ 15.5’’ and latitude of 250 24’ 1.36’’ to 250 18’ 22.13’’.

         The project (exploration area) is about 200 kilometres away from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with highways and railways servicing the exploration area. The fastest access to the exploration area is to fly from Dhaka to Saidpur City, with a domestic flight distance of about 340 km, then take a car from the airport to the exploration area in Gaibandha District, via Rangpur city, capital of the Rangpur State, with a journey of about 110 km, basically via a tar sealed road, with smooth traffic. It can be a day trip between Dhaka and EML’s exploration area. Saidpur airport is undergoing reconstruction and expansion and will become an international airport in the near future.

Map of Bangladesh showing the communication with the exploration site.

Exploration License Agreement Signing Ceremony